About Us

Hello and welcome to MusKat Photography where we aim high to put you in the spotlight.

Hi I’m Rob and back in the day, can I say that (I’m not that old) , I bought my first camera.
It was a Nikon point and shoot film camera. I thought this was the bees knees and I was hooked, but due to various reasons, mostly work, I never got the opportunity to follow my passion.

I am here now and carving my way as a professional photographer creating images of all I can and am just as enthusiastic about photography as I was all those years ago.
In fact, my wife rolls her eyes at me when I start talking photography because she has heard it all before. (sorry love).

So, as much as this is about us, more importantly it is about you, the one who wants to be in the spotlight and rightly so because each and every one of you deserve it.
MusKat Photography can provide you, the one who wants to be in the spotlight, photographs of you, your family, wedding photos, your car if you wish and even your family pet, or you may be looking for landscape photos to enhance the vibrancy of a room. Check out our Photo Gallery and then Contact us, leave a message and a return phone number so we can get back to you as soon as possible.
During our time together you can expect to be relaxed and enjoy your photography experience. This is achieved by meeting for coffee to discuss your plans and then being on location or in your home on the actual day, where you can be comfortable to be yourself. Have you ever had someone say Smile and well, It just ain’t that easy?

If you are pregnant and want pregnancy photos to document your pregnancy from day one. Just 1 photo a month for the entire pregnancy will give you something to cherish during your journey. As with all things so personal, your comfort is the highest of priorities. MusKat Photography suggests you bring a chair or stool with you. If not we can provide one for you, again, just part of the comfort for a mum to be.

Ian & AliciaNow we all know that getting married is an amazing time in your life, and the most stressful, so what about that special day! Tying the knot with the most special person in your life. You simply must have something to look back over, smile, and say ‘oh look – remember that!’.

In fact one of my most recent wedding shoots was for a friend. She didn’t want anything except a few happy snaps because she wanted no fuss. She relented and let me shoot the entire day and when I presented her with the finished product she cried.
I’m not into making people cry but when they are tears of happiness, I have done, as a wedding photographer, what you the client has set out to achieve. So fill in you details on our Contact Page, leave a message and a return phone number and we will be in touch to discuss this most beautiful time in your life.

If you are selling your home I will give you the photos that will put it in the spotlight, there’s that word again, so you have a better chance of selling or renting it for the maximum value possible. We are available by appointment every weekend and most evenings until 7.30pm. To arrange a suitable time go to our Contact Page and leave a message and contact number where we will return your call as soon as possible.

cleveland sunsetHow often have you been down to the waters edge or some secluded little area in the bushland and just sat back and watched or listened to what is going on around you?
It is the most relaxing way to think and clear your head when life gets in the way. Have you ever wished you could take some of that serenity home with you as a constant reminder of that peaceful time? Well you can! Go to our Landscape Gallery and have a look at some of those moments that I have personally enjoyed and photographed.
Our landscape photos are constantly updated and changing so please come back to have a look at what’s new, or you could subscribe to our blog feed and keep updated with changes as soon as they happen.