Fraser Island trip

This is 4 wheel driving of a different nature for us. A little while ago the MusKat Photography crew went on a guided tour in an 18 tonne bus to Fraser Island. it was an amazing trip and adventure. Why on a tour you ask? Yes we own a 4×4 and at the time it was only a week old and with no recovery gear and it was the end of school holidays so people were scarce. On top of that I had never driven on Fraser and wanted to play it safe. dingoes
We had only ever seen a dingo in a zoo so when we saw these boys foraging for food we were very excited.

The island is just astounding, and our guide Dan, from Fraser Island Adventures, was extremely knowledgeable on all things Fraser and there wasn’t a question he couldn’t answer.

Do yourself a favour and book a tour or pack the 4×4 and get away for the weekend or better still a week, for a Fraser Island adventure that will leave you wanting more.
For the photographer, make sure you have plenty of SD Cards because you’ll need them.

I hope your weekend was full of fun and adventure.
Remember to keep the camera handy.

Aim High, Shoot Sharp.

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