Hints and Tips

Are you getting started in photography or maybe just looking to improve your images?
Then this is a fantastic site if you are trying to master your DSLR camera.

Exposure Guide – Photography basics


Another site and forum I have discovered, to gain great information, knowledge and critique of your work is Ausphotography. All you need to do is sign up, it’s free and will take you through an amazing amount of information and learning materials. The members all encourage each other to excel in their love of photography. (Highly recommended)


Raw vs JPEG

Have you ever wondered what format you should be shooting your photos in?  The debate of Raw images vs JPEG images continues.  I guess it’s up to the individual and what you need the photos for.  Keep in mind though that you will need a Raw converter to process your images or they will look washed out and flat.  These images, shadows and lights, can be manipulated further than a JPEG.  A professional photographer will nearly always shoot Raw.
Don’t let me bore you with detail, have a read for yourself and then you can decide whats good for you.



There is an amazing amount of information on the internet, but keep an eye on this page and our blog page as we will be updating this list on a regular basis.